Oil or Rubberized Rust Proofing?

There has always been a debate on which rust proofing to go with. Being a technician of over 25 years experience I tend to lean to one more than the other. First, the most relative topic to most is cost. A customer must look at initial cost and then long term cost. Also if the […]

When Should I do an Alignment?

The question we get all the time from customers is “Should I do an alignment?”. Think about it this way, alignment is constantly changing. Even when the car leaves the factory the suspension is settling and most manufacturers recommend checking the alignment. Making sure all the angles of the wheels are correct. Alignment checks are […]

Do I need a wheel balancing or wheel alignment?

We get calls all the time from customers requesting a wheel alignment. We ask them the reason for wanting an alignment and they tell us that their vehicle has a vibration problem. Some say their steering wheel is off center and causing a pulling to one side.  Figuring out which service you need is critical […]

Electric Vehicles vs. Gas Vehicles

We have all seen the excessively high gas prices in the past months. Most people are wondering if it would be worth to switch over to an electric vehicle. With gas prices in Canada forecasted to reach two dollars a liter it’s a topic that’s on most consumers’ minds. Electric vehicles at the moment have […]

Batteries and what you need to know

How long does a car battery last? Batteries typically last 4-6 years. Batteries tend to degrade after time, losing efficiency and lowering its ability to retain charge. Most batteries come with a warranty that protects you from premature failure. Getting you battery checked every six months or before extreme cold climate conditions is always a […]

The Future Of Wheel Balancing Is Here With Road Force!

When balancing your tires there are a lot of different balancing options available on the market. In most cases a dynamic balance will do just fine. There are also situations where road force balancing is necessary. Even brand-new tires can come with issues that lead to vibration. Road force balancing takes balancing to the next […]

Brake Service: Why Is It Important?

There is a lot of questions when it comes to servicing your brakes. Brake maintenance is one of the services that most customers neglect. Reason being that most vehicle owners believe in replacing brakes when they fail. Servicing can add extended life to your brakes and in return saving you expensive and preventable repairs. Servicing […]

Tire Terms Explained: Basic Information You Need to Know About Tires!

What do all these numbers and letters on my tire really mean? Tires have got more complex from when they were first introduced in the market in the 1900’s. Modern tires have advanced state-of-the-art technology able to handle rough roads, extreme weather, and incredibly fast speeds. Choosing the right tires for you can be a […]